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BHB Super Fuel w/Monthly Delivery

$37.00 / month


BHB Super Fuel w/Monthly Delivery

$37.00 / month

Exogenous Ketones

  • Burn Fat For Fuel*
  • Enter Ketosis FASTER*
  • Boosts Energy*

BHB Super Fuel – 60 Capsules

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Trust Badges

Keto Assistance

Easily Transition Into Ketosis

Boosts Energy Levels

Speed Up Weight Loss

Multiply Your Results With
Ultra BHB Assist Ketones

For some people, it can be difficult to get into ketosis because they have been burning carbs for so long and the body struggles to make its own ketones. 

OR you have been in deep Ketosis and fell off the wagon one night. That is where BHB comes in handy.

When To Use It...


to reduce appetite during fasting

Before Workout

to fuel your body with ketones and energy


to energize you through the afternoon slump

When Starting Keto

to combat the keto flu symptoms and get you into ketosis quickly

To Get Past A Stall

or ease yourself  back in ketosis if you fell off the wagon 

6 Key Benefits That Will Enhance Your Health

Better Fueled Body And Mind

When following the keto diet you are switching fuel sources and your body is running on a cleaner energy. BHB Ketones supplies fast-acting fuel for the brain and is capable of supplying it with roughly 70% of it’s energy needs.

Increased Fat Burning

The whole point of doing keto is to get the body into ketosis and reap the health benefits that come from it, like losing weight. BHB Ketones make that transition into ketosis easier and can double the fat burning effect much quicker.

Decreased Appetite

Your body is more satisfied throughout the day since your body is running on cleaner fuel, the ketones. This means that you are less hungry throughout the day. Use BHB to effectively crush your hunger pangs. 

Lower Blood Glucose Levels

Combining BHB Ketones with the keto diet works as a powerful method in improving your blood glucose levels. 

An Incredible Boost In Mood & Energy

BHB enhances expression of a molecule known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is associated with cognitive enhancement as well as reduced anxiety and depression. 

Enjoyable Transition Into Ketosis

When starting keto you may experience symptoms of the keto flu. BHB Ketones help make the transition into keto easier by getting you into ketosis faster and skipping a lot of the symptoms. 

What Exactly Is BHB?

(BHB) beta-hy-drox-y-buu-terate is a naturally occurring molecule called a ketone body. It is one of the main molecules that provides your body with energy in the absence of glucose (basically the absence of sugar).

Ultra BHB Assist will be your savior when you start removing sugar from your diet. It helps to curb your cravings and gives a noticeable but non-jittery energy boost to help you throughout your day.

In addition, BHB also helps with the keto flu symptoms like feeling tired, rundown, brain fog, nausea and aches. All the things that come from detoxing off sugar. So BHB is essential.

BHB is the ONLY supplement on the market that actually
ADDS KETONES to your bloodstream and kickstarts ketosis.

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