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6 Reasons To Eat More Salmon

Salmon is one of the healthiest fish you can eat. There are many benefits to eating salmon, particularly wild salmon, although farmed salmon is what is usually available. Here are some great benefits to eating salmon:

Farmed Salmon v.s. Fresh Salmon

Most of the Atlantic salmon you find in the grocery store is likely from a salmon farm because the population of wild Atlantic salmon is having problems keeping up with demand. Fish farmers often feed their salmon corn-based or soya-based foods, which isn’t as nutritious as what they would eat in the wild. This decreases the amount of omega 3 fatty acids found in the fish.

Unfortunately, both corn and soya are genetically modified and contain a great deal of pesticides that can affect the health of the fish. To make matters worse, fungicides are also used in the treatment of the water the salmon have to swim in. The fungicides help avoid the problems that come with overcrowding in salmon farms.

In addition, it is also a common phenomenon to add coloration to the farmed fish, which are paler than their wild salmon counterparts are. They use dyes, such as canthaxanthin in the food they feed the fish and this shows up as a pinker coloration in the flesh of the fish. It won’t say on the label that dyes have been used to cause the fish to be pink but if it’s pink, you can assume that a dye has been used to make the fish this color. 

Your best choice is to eat only organically farmed fish or wild-caught salmon in order to avoid the fungicides, pesticides, and coloration with dyes that is seen in fish that are conventionally farmed. Read the label carefully to see if the salmon you are buying is organic or wild-caught fish.

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